Strategy Development

From Corporate Sustainability strategies, to Local Government Council Plans, Regional Strategic Bushfire Plans, to Australia's first City Resilience Strategy. We have deep experience in supporting businesses, not for profit organisations, communities, and governments in designing and achieving exceptional strategic outcomes to tackle the chronic stresses and acute shocks they face.


Disaster and Emergency Management Planning

From mitigation and preparedness planning to community recovery, and debriefing after the event. We have experience in delivering all components of the disaster, risk management, business continuity, and emergency management planning spectrum. Our experience is vast and includes the development of disaster and emergency management planning at all tiers of government, with corporates, and at the coal face within communities


Training and Mentoring

We help build knowledge, capability and capacity of senior executives through to your entire workforce on the ground. From shadowing CEO's through major natural disasters to workshops with executive teams to help them turn long term resilience challenges into opportunities, we help you lead through complexity.


Analysis and Independent Reviews

Whether at the front end of an advisory project, or as a stand-alone undertaking, we have conducted analysis of operating environments, and independent reviews of policies, procedures, and organisational practices across multiple sectors, locally and internationally. Our experience enables us to go beyond observations to provide clients with actionable insights.